• About Us

    A diverse team, a powerful story and a clear vision



  • "Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art."

    - Peter Drucker


    From the launch of the first platform in Mexico to its current work facilitating far reaching international campaigns, GovFaces' contributions to social engagement have been highlighted across the full range of media in more than 15 countries.


    Committed to the objective of improving public engagement, GovFaces has worked and maintains relationships with globally recognized institutions, groups and initiatives. 


    With its initial reception of the Karios 50 Award on the floor of New York Stock Exchange, GovFaces has been fortunate to receive honors for its work in providing innovative solutions to improving social and political discussion.

  • Jon Mark Walls

    Having worked at the top levels of government, multi-lateral institutions and non-governmental organizations in Europe and North America, Jon Mark has led the GovFaces team in its work since 2012.

    Tudor Mihailescu

    Specializing in speechwriting and political rhetoric, Tudor blends a strong background in the nuances of political communication with strategy development, consultancy and grassroots organization.

    Alexis Bourgeois

    Serving as a focal point for business operations and execution, Alexis brings in depth knowledge of social and political systems and supports activity in the growth and development of client portfolios.

    Juan Manuel Olea

    Working across a range of technologies in designing and developing platforms, Juan Manuel oversees the coordination and maintenance of GovFaces platforms.

    Javier Hernandez

    Facilitating the creation of the design of GovFaces, Javier is dedicated to ensuring a smooth and rich user experience delivering the most value with each login.

    Daniel Gomez

    Founding GovFaces, Daniel has worked steadily to maintain the vision and operations of GovFaces as it has been implemented across countries and systems..